Overcoming Challenges – Inspiring Success

“Be the change you want to see in the world …”

Ghandi’s words, our vision. Todd Huston envisions a world where there are no boundaries to the potential good a person can be or experience. His hope is that everyone can break free of the bonds of fear that hold them back from the power to do good for themselves, their loved ones and for the world. Our state-of-mind can create a life and culture that either keeps or breaks our self-imposed barriers. Throughout history those who changed the world did so by overcoming their challenges, fears and doubts, and so can YOU.

Todd Huston is an amputee, author, world record holder and inventor whose life is committed to inspiring others to be their best. With his journey of pain, determination and adventure, including his expedition to the highest peaks in all 50 United States, others are able to overcome their challenges. His story helps everyone realize they too can reach new heights of well-being, success, and happiness. Todd is currently booking speaking engagements.

If I have startled your mind, exposed the fear you hold onto, and have left hope in your heart, then I have done what I have come to do.” – Todd Huston

Todd Huston

Todd Huston is an inspirational speaker, author, world record holder, amputee and inventor who moves audiences with his journey of pain, faith, determination and adventure. His story helps everyone realize they CAN conquer the mountains in their lives to reach new levels of well being and happiness.